Leak Detector Clamp

Leak Detector Clamp Recently Purchased:

AMPROBE DLC 100 DIGITAL LOW CURRENT AC CLAMP ON MULTIMETER DISCONTINUED 299MSRP, Temperature Vacuum Clamp SUPCO TPC8000, TPC8000 Super Temperature and Pressure Clamp, HVAC Professional ToolsVacuum Pump+Manifold+Leak Detector+Clamp Meter+Car Kit, Deep Vacuum Pump+Refrigerant Leak Detector+R410a Manifold Gauge Kit+Clamp Meter, HVAC Tool Kit2 Stage Deep Vacuum Pump VPD6+Clamp Meter+Leak Detector+Manifold G, LotHVAC Tool Kit SetDeep Vacuum Pump+Clamp Meter+Leak Detector+Manifold Gauge, HVAC Tool Kit Deep Vacuum Pump+Refrigerant Leak Detector+True RMS Clamp Ammeter,

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