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Baldwin Filters Pf9870 Filter

'Fuel Filter, Filter Design Spin-On, Fuel Spin-on, Micron Rating 15, Height 3-7/16 In., Length 3-7/16 In., Width 3-1/16 In., Outside Dia. 3-1/16 In., Includes I. Gasket'


'Hydraulic Filter, Fluid Type Hydraulic, Filter Design Spin-On, Hydraulic Spin-on, Micron Rating 27, Height 7 In., Length 7 In., Width 5-1/32 In., Outside Dia. 5-1/32 In., Includes G369-B Gasket Included'

Technical Specification Item Fuel Filter Filter Design Spin-On Description/Special Features Fuel Spin-on Height 3-13/16' Length 3-13/16' Width 3-3/8' Outside Dia. 3-3/8' Includes Integral Post Seal, (2) Gaskets Included, (2) I...

Baldwin Filters B164 Heavy Duty Lube Spin-On

Baldwin Filters Pa4323 Panel Air Element

'Fuel Filter, Filter Design Spin-On, Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain, Micron Rating 20, Height 8-9/32 In., Length 8-9/32 In., Width 4-1/4 In., Outside Dia. 4-1/4 In., Includes Integral Post Seal, I...

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1979 Farm Equipment Maintenance Filter Guide Baldwin Filters and Extra Items, Baldwin PA 1885 Microlite 92592 Air Filter ITEM GUARENTEED WITH FULL WARRANTY,

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